Thursday, May 16, 2013

Doom Calling, can you hear?

I have been reading books very aggressively on two topics which are very close to me: Sports & Stocks for quite some time now. Every book is real treasure to me and have been analyzing the content, constantly what I see and experience around me.

In stocks is more to do with reading about the market in general: both about Bulls and Bears. When I was introduced to stocks by my school mate, he introduced me Warren Buffet and gave me couple of books which I immediately photocopied and started reading them. I kept a regular habit of reading and tried to understand things from my perspective. I could have just called my good friend and he would have explained me things but somehow I felt that I should give it a short myself. I had all the time in the world and nothing to lose in this exercise, only to gain.

Today during my reading I came across finding on someone I know (very distantly),  I will not get in the details here but what struck me how can so called companies tend to lose sight of critical factors, which seem very trivial but has long term impact  in choosing people in Leadership positions. Question which has kept me busy, how can you choose someone in the Leadership profile without his/her experience of working on things from the grass root levels business or sector? How just mere degrees can certifies someone to lead bunch of people and their careers and off course money too. In any business the art of allocation of funds and identification of risk plays far more critical role than other things.

Performance is subjective and people have different views reading performance. I heard a great comment from my senior in my recent meeting, “since I didn't know how to handle pressure; I should look for easy jobs”. Well, yes I don’t to his/her definition because I choose to listen to my heart in place of mind and I am absolutely comfortable with my decisions, in fact very happy and blessed. At least I took them and didn't wait for that perfect time. Perfect timing; so many of us are waiting for that. What is that perfect timing? Well with my limited understanding and without any super degree I don’t think I will be able to find the answer, ever. And how can you live to make your resume look better than your LIFE?
Simplicity is defiantly a virtue and people who have them are great, doing great stuff. How simple you can make it for your manager when give him 2 simple rules of engagement: 1) Never Lose Money and 2) Never Forget point no 1. If you start exercising your imagination and common sense, you will realize how apt are those simple words. Warren Buffet has doing this for decades and we all know where and what he is, if you don’t then ask “Baba Google”.

People makes companies and Companies makes nation, how can we give the leadership to someone who doesn't know how to behave with people; who does not  take time to understand his people; and above all he does not trust people? These people are not his/her signal partners at the traffic lights, they are his Team Member. These people are & will actually deliver things on ground for which the chosen leader will take credit in the Broad Meetings. The Doom is certainly knocking on door, what matters is whether someone in the ivory tower listens to it in time and does something sensible about it or end those people will bite the dust.   
Nassim Nicholas Taleb has rightly said in his book “Antifragile” that simplicity will never be encouraged and understood unless and until presented and supported by mind blowing equations and Power point presentations.  

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