Saturday, May 18, 2013

Picture Says It ALL: Road To Happiness

The idea of being your own boss dominates most of the professionals, yet very few take the step. When inquired, there are always same reason from most of them: lack of funds, family liability, debts, etc and yet we seldom overcome these so called challenges in our professional life.

I found this picture in one of the start up groups and saved it. Whenever I am looking for excuse, I see this picture and I become more focused and committed to my long term goal.

Believe is the central point, I need to believe in my dreams; I don’t how can others will……

I hope this picture makes you to Think and Act......

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Doom Calling, can you hear?

I have been reading books very aggressively on two topics which are very close to me: Sports & Stocks for quite some time now. Every book is real treasure to me and have been analyzing the content, constantly what I see and experience around me.

In stocks is more to do with reading about the market in general: both about Bulls and Bears. When I was introduced to stocks by my school mate, he introduced me Warren Buffet and gave me couple of books which I immediately photocopied and started reading them. I kept a regular habit of reading and tried to understand things from my perspective. I could have just called my good friend and he would have explained me things but somehow I felt that I should give it a short myself. I had all the time in the world and nothing to lose in this exercise, only to gain.

Today during my reading I came across finding on someone I know (very distantly),  I will not get in the details here but what struck me how can so called companies tend to lose sight of critical factors, which seem very trivial but has long term impact  in choosing people in Leadership positions. Question which has kept me busy, how can you choose someone in the Leadership profile without his/her experience of working on things from the grass root levels business or sector? How just mere degrees can certifies someone to lead bunch of people and their careers and off course money too. In any business the art of allocation of funds and identification of risk plays far more critical role than other things.

Performance is subjective and people have different views reading performance. I heard a great comment from my senior in my recent meeting, “since I didn't know how to handle pressure; I should look for easy jobs”. Well, yes I don’t to his/her definition because I choose to listen to my heart in place of mind and I am absolutely comfortable with my decisions, in fact very happy and blessed. At least I took them and didn't wait for that perfect time. Perfect timing; so many of us are waiting for that. What is that perfect timing? Well with my limited understanding and without any super degree I don’t think I will be able to find the answer, ever. And how can you live to make your resume look better than your LIFE?
Simplicity is defiantly a virtue and people who have them are great, doing great stuff. How simple you can make it for your manager when give him 2 simple rules of engagement: 1) Never Lose Money and 2) Never Forget point no 1. If you start exercising your imagination and common sense, you will realize how apt are those simple words. Warren Buffet has doing this for decades and we all know where and what he is, if you don’t then ask “Baba Google”.

People makes companies and Companies makes nation, how can we give the leadership to someone who doesn't know how to behave with people; who does not  take time to understand his people; and above all he does not trust people? These people are not his/her signal partners at the traffic lights, they are his Team Member. These people are & will actually deliver things on ground for which the chosen leader will take credit in the Broad Meetings. The Doom is certainly knocking on door, what matters is whether someone in the ivory tower listens to it in time and does something sensible about it or end those people will bite the dust.   
Nassim Nicholas Taleb has rightly said in his book “Antifragile” that simplicity will never be encouraged and understood unless and until presented and supported by mind blowing equations and Power point presentations.  

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Writing & Reading by Choice

Much of the time is spent in evaluating what to read, whom to follow and sometimes what to write and the end result of this unending quest is emptiness. A vacuum which is very hard to explain and very ambiguous for pursuit and difficult to explain and more difficult to seek any help.

During the growing up years, there was lack of choice in what to read, whom to follow and write to express and that indecision is causing this unexplained anxiety or quest. During that time it was pre-decided by few and rest just followed unquestioned. People who didn't follow was asked or forced to leave the bunch of disciplined followers. Further, people who had difficulty to comprehend where made subject public mockery. The bottom line was “no choice”. Suddenly after few or many years of such anarchy, people are given choice to select people who will represent students in college and people who voice the interest of people in Government and life partners (though in some cases only)

Amazing, when I wanted the freedom to choice what I want to read, follow and write I was forced to do otherwise in the name of education and when I have become habituated with that, I am asked to choose. Now, I can’t show my inability to exercise such immense responsibility. I act as if, I know everything which best for everyone around me but in reality, deep inside I don’t what’s good for myself in the first place. This has been going for long and surprisingly everyone has accepted it.

Is it designed this way, so that we can be better controlled and governed and to an extent ruled too?

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

National Sports Day 29th August

India celebrates its National Sports Day on August 29 which also marks the birthday anniversary of our hockey legend Major Dhyan Chand.

Let’s celebrate the National Sports Day by making Indians aware of this day first.

Friday, December 30, 2011

Be Inspired in 2012

Inspiration can be derived from constant pursuit of excellence and happiness. You do not require reading or completing a Ph.D thesis to understand this. We all are blessed with incredible Power of Imagination and Reasoning which enabled us be evolved as Human Beings from our original state. 
It is possible to be Happy and Joyful most of the time. You just have to look at little children and see their natural joy. You may say that little children are free and don't have anything to worry about, but you can be free too! In this particular blog, apart from wishing you all a very Happy New Year 2012, I will be sharing few stories which are inspiring for the very fact that we can relate to inspiration in our everyday work what we do.

In India and world at large the economy is going through a testing times and the need of the hour is entrepreneur not managers”. I think entrepreneurs create the most positive culture in any society with their ability of creating products and companies by virtue of their inspired imagination. Along with their ability to allocate capital and their foresight that ultimately drives much of the company and the economy in larger context.

To emphasis the fact here is the first story in constant pursuit of excellence and happiness: K Dinesh; one of the founders of Infosys Technologies. He was a mail sorter in Railway Mail Service (RMS) in Bangalore. He then passed a competitive exam and moved to Department of Posts and Telegraph (then) as a Phone Inspector. He wasn’t happy doing that. He passed the Banking services Recruitment Board (BSRB) exam ad joined UCO Bank. Yet the hunger in him was insatiate. He applied for a job with Patni Computers in Pune, where N.R. Narayana Murthy was incidentally working. His persistence in getting out of a cushy government job and get into a sunrise industry apparently intrigued Murthy. When Murthy decided to set up Infosys, he invited Dinesh to be part of the founding team. And the Rest as they say is history.

According to me this is a classic case of entrepreneur who with his Daring, Dream and Determination changed his life and many others also. I choose this example for the fact that Mr. Dinesh reached a comfortable life as per definition of our traditional society during his time in UCO Bank and in Patni but still there was an urge to pursue for greater goals in life. We all become so complacent with our present comfort zone that we are scared or apprehended to take the step towards professional independence. Whenever we get chance we do criticize our present profile, company or status but do not do anything about it. Part of the reason is our social fabric also. In India we are very sacred of being a failure. We don’t take failure as the stepping stone of success. We always brand the particular person or institutions also in the bracket of being failure and nothing be done about that. Why? Few other questions which come up: So, is there any system which will help nurture entrepreneurship in our young? As parents are we brave enough to allow our children to pursue their dream irrespective of the result? As a society, how many of us encourage our children, younger nephews and cousins or friends to take risks in their lives? How many of us look with appreciation when someone comes up with an idea, however crazy it may be, and egg them to go on and implement it.

Answers are staring at our faces. Only thing is required that we acknowledge it, learn from and inspire ourselves first. I am not at all saying that we need to leave our jobs and take the plunge. But if we change way we look today then tomorrow we can change ourselves also.  

Here is the 2nd story: Captain Gopinath threw all conventional wisdom to the winds, took his army tent, pitched it in the middle of a barren field belonging to his family and became a farmer. People thought he was mad. With economy growing, he visualised that everyone can afford or should have access to cheap aviation facilities. Flying by air should be right of few only. And as we know, rest is again history to be told to everyone.  However, his army upbringing and his sense of adventure enabled Captain Gopinath to discover new abilities inside him at every point.

Here you might try to rationalise that Army or Defence background helped him. The total strength of Defence Personals will run over few millions easily. How many of them start their enterprise during their serving days and how many will or have entered uncharted territory like Captain Gopinath. Let’s not take anything from the Man. He did what many of us will only dream of doing.   

India is in need of its own bread of Richard Branson’s; Steve Jobs and Bill Gates to make India shinning in real sense. Don’t under estimate the importance of entrepreneurs. A successful economy and flourishing of entrepreneurs tend to go hand in hand. With India, one part of the equation is all but proved. But are entrepreneurs also flourishing in equal measure?

This New Year I wish that you able to express your Intelligence, Creativity and People Skills to bring about positive change in your life and others. I am wishing that you come with break through ideas for providing solutions for yourselves and others. And I wish you are able to network with people and institutions to Fuel Your Entrepreneurship and create Wealth and Prosperity for yourselves and others.

Through this New Year messages I am anticipating great times ahead for all of you and wish that your dreams and aspiration all come through.

Yes, I know for a New Year Wish is long but I thought this is the best time when all off us make our list of things to do in year. Hope you change few things after reading this. I am making mine…. :)

Till next time!

Happy Entrepreneurship in 2012